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👽 Hosted by Renaud Futterer
— Graphic Designer, Creative Art Director, Creative Trainer

Renaud is your Creative Trainer with a background in get your stuff together and move toward your dreams!

Renaud is a french, Brooklyn-based, award-winning multi-disciplinary Designer.
Obsessed about Creativity, Design, Systems, Innovation, Science, Behaviour & Experiences, Renaud's desire is to empower Humans worldwide to craft their visions and achieve their ideas through system-led design & technologies.

During his 13 year career, he had the chance to work in various roles and disciplines. From Design to Art or Creative Direction, he works and acquired experience in Graphic Design, Web Design, Interactivity, 3D, Motion Design, Typography, Illustration, Publishing, and Branding.

Renaud had the opportunity to study applied arts from a young age in France. His apprenticeship propelled him into the design industry. Having worked in Paris, London, and now New York, Renaud has built an international network of creatives and worked for some of the best studios, agencies, and post-production companies in the world for some of the biggest and most prestigious brands in the industry.

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A collection of Typographic, Graphic Design & Branding work from Renaud.

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Why him?

Alongside his visual communication work, Renaud invested the last decade in learning and understanding Self Development. He is curious about what makes us wise, drives us, and brings a positive force to the world. Today, he is committing to listen to his inner voice and follow his dreams.

Today, his deep interest in self-development, psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and systems thinking led him to research and develop unique approaches to help Creators, Designers, Artists, and Innovators of all kinds in their journey.

library_books 150+ Books

Read & studied in the last 2 years for you to stand on the shoulders of Giants.

Learn and grow your knowledge for your personal life, career, and creative practice using approaches, principles & theories inspired by the greatest thinkers of all time.

And yes, he can read 600 words per minutes.

emoji_objects15 years of experience

in the creative & design industry working for small businesses including:

Forgot to include Disney, Coca-Cola, Verizon, Jean Paul Gaultier, L'Oréal, Adidas, Orange, and more...

emoji_events 16 Awards

for Creative Excellence:

Obviously, it's also a Team effort... You're only as good as the one you surround yourself with.

account_balance 13,500$+ spent on Courses

While you get your course for the same price as a night out in New York, without the hang-over.

He spent the time and money to get you the best resources so you don't have to, and he brings you the best of everything.

A collection of Commercial Work Renaud directed or co-directed at Panoply.

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What do the good People say?

Reviews from Renaud's Coaching & Mentoring in response to the COVID-19 situation in 2020. He contributed to help young professionals and students through free Online Coaching & Mentoring, using Systemic Approach, reviewing portfolios, and providing self-development strategies. What can't this man do?

John Wilkinson

Motion Graphics Designer / Illustrator

I have a much clearer and more confident creative practice and I am incredibly grateful for some of the revelations and lessons I gained. Through some simple exercises and key questions, Renaud helped me to shift my perspective and self-reflect on my creativity through an honest lens. With this knowledge, I shifted my creative path and now feel much more inspired and fulfilled.

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Frederik Wiedel

Freelance Designer & Animator

I think it was great to reflect and take a step back and start to think about my work career, where it has taken me, and where it can take me. Start to use my time more wisely. I think you had a lot of great things to say that made me think. I shared my experience with my friends and family. I think that was super nice, so I'm thankful.

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Andrada Haș

Graphic Designer

The coaching helped me so much by reinforcing my motivation and determination in a period of my life when I had lost both. It helped me understand myself better, and it helped me deal with my professional insecurities. The coaching has helped me achieve the confidence to put myself out there, talk to people, and trust the process. I became more strategic and I was left with highly valuable lessons that I can always revisit mentally. I can’t thank you enough for your support during that time. Your mentorship has helped me stay afloat, rediscover my creativity and revamp my self-confidence. Thank you!

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