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What is the numen Formula?

numen is a Personal Development Platform for all kinds of Creators.

 Creation + Growth + Learning = New

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What is numen's Mission?




Create: Empowering Actions

Increase creative risk-taking & experimentation.

Grow: Building Resourcefulness

Creating and sharing assets with quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties necessary for effective operations.

Learn: Accelerating Intelligence

Acquiring, applying knowledge and skills efficiently.

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Who is numen for?

The Visionaries, The Non-Conformists, The Authentics & The Disruptors, the Creators who Might.

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Mental Health?

The emergence principle is key to the creative process. Renaud believes that a creative revolution will empower humans to bring healing to the mass and to the planet in the future. The way we think is the most crucial technology to create our future. ♡

numen Empower Creators ↓

What is numen for?

Follow & build your Dreams through Insight, Mindset & Mastery.

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Who's behind this?

Renaud is your Creative Trainer with a background in get your stuff together and move toward your dreams!
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