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Are you ready for a Creative Awakening?

It’s never too late to realise your own Journey. Welcome to the next generation Education Platform for Creativity, Art, Design & Innovation

Empowering Creators to Grow with Purpose and Impact.

Uncover the secrets to living up to your potential and creating your greatest ideas.

Renaud’s projects has been awarded by

"During my 13 year career I had the chance to work in a variety of roles and disciplines. From Design to Art or Creative direction, I worked and acquired experience in the fields of Graphic Design, Web Design, Interactivity, 3D, Motion Design, Typography, Illustration, Publishing and Branding.

Renaud is an award-winning multi-disciplinary Designer

Renaud's Biography

Having worked in Paris, London and now New York, I have built an international network of creatives and worked for some of the best studios, agencies and post production companies in the world for some of the biggest and most prestigious brands in the industry."

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Renaud worked on projects for

— Designer, Coach & Mentor

👽 Hosted by Renaud Futterer

Renaud had the opportunity to study applied arts from a young age in France, his apprenticeship propelled him in the design industry.

More recently, his deep interest in self development, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and system thinking led him to develop a unique approach to help creatives, designers, artists and innovators of all kinds in their journey.

Renaud's expertise outside advertising

Get a boost with the tools you wish you had when you started out. Sharpen your focus, increase your skills and optimise your creative well-being and performance.

numen connect on 4 inter-connected personal and professional dimensions to creative self development: Insight, FlowSanity, Clarity.


This approach is design to offer a 360 robust system to enhance Harmony, Balance, Performance and Learning.



Provide intellectual insights through discovery, knowledge and creative experimentation


Serve and empower others through an ethical, self aware and congruent approach to spirituality


Thrive for openness, acceptance and accurate thinking to help wisdom, justice and truth prosper for future generations

Numen's Value

Cutting edge science tool applied to your life & professional practice

Learn using approaches, principles & theories inspired by:


→ Psychology

→ Neurology

→ Systems Thinking

→ Systemic Coaching

→ Behaviour Economics

→ Transactional Analysis

→ Neuro-linguistic Programming

→ Spiritual Traditions

→ Critical & Scientific Thinking

Applied Systemic


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